• Instant Trainee Body Analyser on Your Dashboard
  • Workout Builder
  • More than 1000 fitness exercise or create your own
  • More than 3000 nutrition info or create your own meal
  • presenting the proper form of each exercise in the most visual way.
  • Use of our pre-designed templates or create your own
  • Smart Dashboard
  • Real-Time Messaging with your trainee
  • Tracking your trainee progress
  • Custom Login Page for your trainee
  • Trainee Management
  • Email Notifications
  • Provide Trainee for you



Instant Trainee Body Analyser on Your Dashboard

Ultimate Coaching smart software analyzing your trainee’s body measurements and give you real-time information about your trainee’s body conditions. All of the data are shown on one screen under trainee profiles. You can analyze your trainee body and start planing according to their needs. 



Workout Builder (Coach)

Ultimate coaching provides coaches the most reliable and valid workout builder. With Ultimate Coaching workout builder, you can quickly design and deliver personalized workouts using exercises and videos from your library. The Ultimate Coaching workout builder does not hold you back or lock you into a certain style of programming. You can design Interval, Strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, agility, and flexibility workout just with some clicks. You can save your planning time and focus more on training




Unique Exercise and nutrition Database (Both coach and trainee)

Ultimate Coaching comes pre-loaded with over 1000 premium workout videos and more than 3000 nutrition plans, or you can upload your own workout and meal plan. Your trainee will have quick and easy access to your coaching videos from anywhere with any device.




Presenting the Proper way of exercise (Trainee)

In Ultimate coaching, we optimized our unique workouts with the best-ever workout videos that show your trainees the proper form of doing each exercise. With Ultimate Coaching’s beloved adaptation videos, your trainees will never get injured during workouts.  



Templates (Coach)

With the Ultimate Coaching program builder, you can easily plan your entire series of workouts for your trainees or save it as a template. You can use and customized Ultimate Coaching pre-design templates or create your own templates. Create once and customize it several times for your trainee without recreating it every day.



Smart Dashboard (Both coach and trainee)

Ultimate Coaching has the World’s No.1 trusted smart dashboard in entire fitness providers. With the Ultimate Coaching smart dashboard, you can see all of your trainee information on only one screen. You will quickly understand your trainee’s body condition and your trainee goals, so you can create an accurate and individual plan for them before they tell you.

Real-Time Messaging (Both coach and trainee)

In Ultimate Coaching, your trainee can comment on each of the workouts or send a real-time direct message to you. All coach and trainee’s communication are kept in one place. We’ll make sure you never miss a message from your trainee.



Track Your Trainee Progress (Coach)

Ultimate Coaching gives you the facility to track your trainee progress and workout. You can track each specific workout of your trainee.



Custom Login Page (Coach)

Customize your trainee’s Login page and profile page with your desired logo and colors. We are making it easy to configure your Ultimate coaching profile to match your branding by offering a selection of custom color schemes.



Trainee Management (Coach)

Hassle-free, you can manage all of your trainees and their workouts in one place. Ultimate Coaching makes it easy to add new trainees, deliver personalized workout plans, track progress, and stay on top of communication.


Email Notifications (Both coach and trainee)

Your trainee will receive automatic notification of upcoming workouts ahead of time. Coach also will get an email and message notification when his trainees’ workout due, so your trainees are never left waiting.



Provide Trainee for you (Coach)

You do not have a trainee? do not worry about it,

In Ultimate Coaching, we have a special service that sends you trainee’s information through your coaching profile; if you agree to coach them, then you will accept their request and send them back with your coaching fee quotations. Or you reject the request of that trainee at the first point.

*Terms and condition applied for these kinds of trainees

*These trainees are not counted as of your package trainee quota